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The Green Party of Minnesota (GPMN) is a grassroots organization dedicated to the values of the international Green movement. The GPMN strives to build a society in which all can lead full and productive lives in harmony with each other and with nature. The movement is inspired by the interrelated Four Pillars of Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Social and Economic Justice and Grassroots Democracy.


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    Jesse Ventura Discusses Pollution

    Microplastics in our lakes rivers streams and oceans are becoming a great problem on our planet. It has become so bad that we are actually eating plastic daily and don't even know it. According to massivesci.com "The researchers estimate that humans are eating about 250 pieces of microplastic per day or roughly 94,000 microplastics in a given year." We know that our oceans are contaminated with plastics but so are our lakes rivers and agricultural land.In this clip at the Green Party of Minnesota headquarters, Jesse Ventura spoke about pollution and the need to get a handle on it. DONATE
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    Sign The Petitions To Get Greens On The Ballot

    Minor Parties in Minnesota are required to get signatures to get on the Ballot for the 2020 elections. To foster greater participation and our elections and give voters more choices in November Sign the Green Party Endorsed candidates to get them on the ballot.   To Sign the Petition Click on this link: Scott Raskievicz   To Sign The Petition Click on this link Toya Woodland                                                                         
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