GPMN Coordinating Committee May 2016 Meeting Notes (Approved)

5/14/16 Green Party CC Meeting  

Members present: Betsy Barnum, Lena Buggs (by speaker phone), Amber Garlan, Andy Hamerlinck, Hassan Hassan, Brandon Long, Carol Mellom and Mel Thoresen (by Skype) 

Guests: Steven Laitinen, Sharon LeMay and Wayne Pauluk

Facilitator: Andy Hamerlinck

Note Taker: Amber Garlan

Check In

 Approve Agenda – 5/14/16 Green Parry CC agenda approved

Approve Minutes from last CC meeting – 4/9/16 CC meeting minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report

  • The ending balance of 5/30/15 is $5,089.43. 
  • Sustaining donors from NationBuilder and PayPal total $851.31 per month
  • The eventual goal is to get sustaining donors at $1,000 a month
  • The yearly fee of Ooma was $132.20.  The monthly Ooma cost is around $5.67
  • The liability insurance for the Green Party of MN from Francis L. Bean & Associates company has been renewed until 5/1/17.  The cost was $367.50.
  • The check off fund current total is $946.10
  • State Rep. Candidates qualify for a small pool of fund if they raise a certain amount

Committee Reports

Finance Committee – Amber Garlan

  • More discussion for hiring an organizer will be on the agenda for the 6/4/16 CC meeting
  • Brandon will write a proposal for budget and job description
  • Andy suggested we make more fund raising calls

Organizing Committee – Betsy Barnum

  • Platform committee met last week
  • Received mainly resolutions, not sure what to do with them

 Membership Committee – Andy Hamerlinck

  • Receiving volunteer request for the Presidential campaign
  • Cam Gordon is talking about MN for Stein
  • Andy is working on the candidate recruitment team
  • There 8 candidates endorsed by the Green Party of MN
  • Andy wants Soil and Water candidates to file on the first day of candidate filing 5/17/16
  • Petitions have to be on legal size paper
  • Gabe Barnett, Hassan Hassan and Dennis Barsness are candidates for MN House of Representatives
  • 5/31/16 is the filing deadline to turn in 500 signatures of voters in their district
  • Jim has done a lot of detailed work in the NationBuilder and S.O.S. Database
  • Jim will call Honsa on Monday to mail the 2nd round of Biennial postcards

 Communications Committee – Brandon

  • 1,263 followers on twitter
  • 2,269 followers on Facebook
  • The Green Party of MN website is done
  • Putting more candidate information up on the website
  • Eric Gilbertson has been helping on the MN Green Party website

 Politics Committee – Lena and Mel

  • Focusing on water quality issues at the capital.
  • Minnesota will have a Presidential Primary instead of a caucus. This change passed in the Senate and is expected to pass in the House.
  • The state legislation ends 5/23/16.
  • The Politics committee met with Rep. Bly and Rep. Dehn about creating a state bank of Minnesota.  Both Representatives are interested in Greens working on this.


Locals update – All

4th CD - Andy

  • Lena Buggs and Dennis Barsness were endorsed as Soil and Water candidates
  • The 4th CD is focusing on having our own events
  • We are scheduled to have 2 more candidates endorsed for Soil and Water Commissioner, Gina Vermilya and Yanni Houmas.
  • Carol is setting up an event with Ken Pentel on proportional representation

5th CD – Hassan Hassan

  • The 5th CD is reorganizing.
  • At the last 5th CD meeting three Green Party candidates were endorsed, Hassan Hassan for State Rep. 60B, Gabe Barnett for State Rep. For 60A and Doug Mann for School Board.

6th CD – Sharon LeMay

  • There is a new local!  The 6th CD was formed on 6/4/16!  Officers were elected and bylaws were written.
  • The 6th CD is requesting a letter of recognition that needs to go to the S.O.S.
  • The Green Party of MN passed unanimously passed to recognize the 6th CD local.
  • Andy will write the letter of recognition and send it to the S.O.S. office

8th CD and Itasca County Greens - Mel

  • Janice needs to get bio information to Brandon for website candidate profile.
  • Janice and Mel are Soil and Water candidates
  • Wednesday, 5/18/16, they are gathering signatures for Dennis Barsness
  • On Saturday, 5/21/16, Carol, Lena and Amber are driving to Grand Rapids to gather signatures for Dennis Barsness

6/4/16 CC meeting – Amber

  • 6/11/16 is the same day of the next CC meeting and the Green Party Biennial meeting.
  • Saturday 6/4/16 is the next CC meeting.

Green Party Biennial Convention – Andy

  • The location is the Great River Regional Library, it is free and seats 180 people, it is open from 10:00 to 5:00
  • The 3 sections of the convention will be: CC elections, Presidential nomination and election of electors, Platform changes
  • Rough agenda is:

10:00 - Credentialing and set up

10:15 - Welcome

10:25 - CC elections

 call for nominations

Q & A


            11:15 – Presidential Nomination and electors

                          Candidates opening statement – 5 minutes each

                           Q & A


            12:20 – Cut of credentialing, announce cut of of Presidential Credentials

            12:20 – Break for Lunch

            1:00  -   Walking sub caucuses

            1:50 -    Sub caucuses choose delegates and alternates

            1:50 -    Platform process

            4:00 -    closing remarks & clean up

  • There will be a table for candidates
  • Logistics and Lunch – Carol and Amber, $300 budget?
  • Check In and Credentialing – Jim and who Jim asks to assist him, color coded badges will be need to tell who is eligible to vote
  • Introduction, opening and closing remarks – Hassan Hassan
  • CC Process – Andy
  • Platform – Betsy
  • Walking Sub Caucuses – Brandon
  • Candidate Q & A and testimonial – Lena

Candidate Screening – Andy & Brandon

  • Sharon LeMay and Steven Laitinen were screened for Soil and Water Commission, Wayne Pauluk was screened for Hennepin County Commissioner
  • The screening process was; opening statements, Q & A, closing statements, voting
  • 3/4th of the votes was the threshold
  • All candidates were unanimously endorsed by the CC!
  • Brandon needs their bio to put up on the candidate page
  • A closed face book group is needed for candidates to talk to each other

Gathering signatures for Green Party CandidatesBrandon

  • A field director is needed to coordinate volunteer requests
  • An organizer is needed to assemble materials and information
  • We need an organizer
  • Brandon will write a budget and job description of an organizer

National Green Party Report – Brandon

  • 6/23/16 is the deadline for delegate information to be sent to the National Green Party
  • Presidential candidate delegation will be elected at the MN Green Party Biennial Convention 6/11/16, and the information will be sent to the National Green Party
  • Jill Stein campaign needs to pick a vice presidential candidate for ballot access signature gathering.
  • A stand in vice presidential candidate is possible, but there are problems with MN state election law not allowing a change if another vice presidential candidate is chosen.
  • The number of states Jill Stein is on the ballot is used for polling interest
  • Brandon got Jill Stein verified on twitter and facebook

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