GPMN Coordinating Committee June 2016 Meeting Notes (Approved)

6/4/16 Green Party CC Meeting 

Members present: Betsy Barnum, Lena Buggs, Amber Garlan, Andy Hamerlinck, Jim Ivey, Brandon Long, Carol Mellom and Mel Thoresen (by Skype)

Facilitator: Andy Hamerlinck

Note Taker: Amber Garlan

Check In

Approve Agenda – 6/4/16 Green Parry CC agenda approved

Approve Minutes from last CC meeting – 5/14/16 CC meeting minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report

  • The ending balance of 5/31/16 is $3,136.26. 
  • Donations, sustaining donors from NationBuilder and PayPal total $983.17
  • $1,245 for MN State Fair Green Party booth and $836.78 for postcards from Honsa printing were paid.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee – Amber Garlan

  • The MN State Fair Concession and Exhibit department need to be contacted and told that on the 2nd page of the Green Party Liability Insurance, the MN State Fair is listed as an additional insured.

Organizing Committee – Betsy Barnum

  • No report, will report during the convention segment of the meeting

Communications Committee – Brandon Long

  • 1,298 followers on twitter
  • 2,320 likes on Facebook
  • Sent press release and 21% of the media list opened it
  • WJON radio station in St. Cloud will interview Brandon Monday 6/6/16 at 8:30 am
  • Cam Gordon has organized a MN for Jill Stein meeting Monday 6/6/16
  • We will prepare for the media at the Green Party convention in St. Cloud
  • A meme on the death of Muhammad Ali for his principled stand on non violence is an idea
  • Brandon will put out a media release on Green Party candidates

Politics Committee – Lena Buggs and Mel Thoresen

  • Andy Schuler can appeal to Secretary of State Steve Simon for ballot access
  • We need to do candidate training
  • Gathering signatures for ballot access needs to be explained to candidates who have never done it before.
  • We need to compile a list of Greens in our database who live in districts where candidates for office run unopposed.

Membership Committee – Jim Ivey

  • It is unconstitutional to disenfranchise minor parties.
  • Returned postcards cleaned up in database
  • Around 450 more returned postcards were given to Jim
  • Emails are in good shape
  • Jill Stein gave us a list of MN volunteers on her 2012 campaign
  • The CC approved the $49 request for the new S.o.S. Database
  • Working to co-ordinate ballot access issues
  • Receive 3 to 5 requests to volunteer a day, need help to structure and co-ordinate volunteers

  Locals update – All

8th CD and Itasca County Greens – Mel Thoresen

  • Dennis Barsness is on the ballot!  He gathered 500 signatures!
  • The Itasca County Greens are meeting next Tuesday 6/7/16
  • Mel and Janice are running against the chair and co-chair of the Soil and Water Dept.
  • The Itasca County Greens will have a booth at the Itasca County Fair.

 6th CD – Andy Hamerlinck

  • An example of the letter of acceptance to send to the S.o.S. Office and Campaign Finance Board can't be found.
  • Andy will write a new letter of recognition and send it to the S.O.S. Office

5th CD – Andy Hamerlinck

  • Andy met with Kristen Olson who lives in the St. Anthony Village neighborhood of Minneapolis, and she is interested in organizing 

4th CD – Andy Hamerlinck

  • Lena Buggs and Dennis Barsness were endorsed as Soil and Water candidates in the May 4th CD membership meeting.
  • Ian Houmas will be screened at the 4th CD meeting Sunday, 6/5/16, for soil and water commissioner.

1st CD – Andy Hamerlinck

  • There is a doctor who is a co-chair of the Green Party of Wisconsin who works at Mayo Clinic and is interested in starting a Green Party local in the 1st CD.

 Green Party Biennial Convention - everybody

  • The location is the Great River Regional Library, 1300 W. Saint German St., St. Cloud, MN, in the Mississippi room, it is free and seats 180 people, it is open from 10:00 to 5:00
  • The 3 sections of the convention will be: CC elections, Presidential nomination and election of electors, Platform changes

Food/Clean up – Carol and Amber

  • Coffee from Dunn Brothers will be brought to start the meeting while the coffee is being made in the Green Party coffee pot.
  • Nuts and fruit and vegetable tray will be put out to start the meeting
  • Organic food from Mississippi Market, sandwiches including vegan options will be served for lunch.
  • The CC passed by consensus to spend up to $600 for food.

Credentialing – Jim and who Jim can get to help him (Eric Gilbertson?)

  • Lena will pre-credential people with a clip board to help Jim
  • Carol will bring 3 different colors of stickers to put on badges one of each type of attendee: member, guest and media.
  • Carol will bring badges
  • We will need a member count for the presidential and delegate elections
  • Minnesota gets 7 delegates
  • We need to get cards from the media and funnel the media to Brandon
  • The Green Party bylaws say that any member in good standing for 60 days can vote.
  • Anyone not a member of 60 days will need to have someone vouch for them. 

Live Streaming

  • Live streaming will be available at 11:15

Presidential Candidates – Lena Buggs

  • written statements were sent in by Sedinam Curry, Kent Mesplay, and Kremil
  • Jill Stein will live stream
  • Darryl Cherney will be there in person

Information Packets – Jim Ivey

  • Attendees and the media will have information packets
  • The information packets will have: Agenda, Candidate Statements, nominating process and platform proposals
  • The deadline to get information to Jim is Tuesday, Jim will assemble packets
  • The expenditures for the information packets was passed unanimously by the CC

Welcome – Lena Buggs and Amber Garlan

  • Fund raising pitch, sustaining donors will be pushed 
  • Working lunch will be announced, 10 minutes to grab a sandwiches then work on GPUS delegate election


  • c Platform process has three choices: pass as is, pass with changes, do not pass
  • There will be a group for each topic
  • copy of the platform for each group
  • CC passed by consensus expenditures of copying materials
  • If there is no consensus super majority will be used
  • each group will bring their changes to the membership at large
  • each group will have a note taker and spokesperson


Gathering signatures for Green Party Presidential candidate – Andy & Brandon

  • Split into two groups: gathering signatures, hire an organizer
  • Cam Gordon is starting MN for Jill Stein, meeting 6/6/16
  • Maybe find a coordinater for the ballot access process during this meeting
  • 5/17/16 – 8/23/16 the time to gather signatures for Green Party Presidential candidate
  • To hire an organizer, what do we want them to do?  Who is their contact?
  • They should be responsible to the CC
  • Weekly contact of spokesperson and chair by organizer
  • Should the pay be base pay, commission or goal of 10 monthly donors at $10 a month to be paid $250
  • Paying $250 for reaching the goal of 10 $10 a month sustaining donors will be explored
  • This will put on the agenda for July

Green Party booth at the MN State Fair – rescheduled for next month

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