Activist Hold Press Conference Before George Floyd Trial


Activists held a press conference before the start of the George Floyd Trail. Some activists voiced concerns over the excessive military/police presence and that $34 million has been invested into security measures for the trial including $1 million for fencing and barricades: $1 Million

Green Paty Co-chair Trahern Crews also spoke at the press conference to listen click here: Press Conference

Press Conference

Activist also held a silent march the Sunday before the beginning of the court case: Silent March


The Derek Chauvin murder Trial started Monday, March 8th, 2021 with a march and rally: Derek Chauvin Murder Trial March & Rally


Jury Selection resumed Tuesday: Jury Selection


Jury Selection resumed Tuesday with the 6th juror being selected on Thursday. The Judge presiding over the case reinstated manslaughter charges:

Judge Reinstates Charges








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