Billy Menz Endorsed For Minneapolis Park Board

The Green Party of the 5th Congressional District, which covers Minneapolis, has just endorsed Billy Menz for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner for District 1.

BillyMenz.pngBilly is not a native Minnesotan but has quickly come to love and adore Minneapolis.  He and his partner Sarah moved to Minneapolis for Sarah’s medical residency. Minneapolis, specifically NE Minneapolis, is the home they had been searching for because of how welcoming people have been to their family over the years.

Working as a teacher and volunteer, Billy’s whole life has been dedicated to serving those who utilize and appreciate public services.  Working as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Texas taught Billy the value of service, the importance of community, and the strength of individuals. 

Throughout his teaching career he has always worked to ensure equal access to all the gifts education has to offer students of color, students from different cultures and students who don’t speak English. 

Billy is running for the Minneapolis Park Board because he wants all people in his community to feel welcome, valued and respected in his city’s world-class parks. 


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