Billy Menz Endorsed For Minneapolis Park Board

The Green Party of the 5th Congressional District, which covers Minneapolis, has just endorsed Billy Menz for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner for District 1.

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Green Park Board Commissioner Annie Young to Retire

The Green Party of Minnesota would like to sincerely thank Green Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Annie Young for her many years of service. She has announced that she will retire from the Park Board after her current term ends this year.

Annie has always been a pioneering and visionary activist in all the fields she endeavored to enter. Politics has certainly been no exception. Annie was one of the very first Green Party elected officials in the state of Minnesota. She will retire as one of the longest-serving Green Party elected officials in the entire country.

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Sunflower Seed E-Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to the April 2017 issue of the Sunflower Seed! In this issue you will find out how you can get involved in our 2017 campaigns, learn how our candidates and elected officials are standing up for our communities, hear about big Green Party of England election successes, and read about how Greens in Greater Minnesota are getting energized, organized and engaged! Enjoy!

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Green Sam Pree Blasts Mpls Fourth Precinct Choice

Sam Pree-Stinson is a Green-endorsed City Council candidate for Minneapolis Ward 3. The following is her response to the attempted appointment of Police Lt. John Delmonico to a senior command position at the Minneapolis 4th Precinct, the site of the police murder of Jamar Clark in November 2015 and subsequent 4th-Precinct occupation by Black Lives Matter Minneapolis and allied groups.

"Choices. Delmonico is a bad one. Once again, we refuse to choose reflective leadership. Specifically and at the most foundational level, values. My choice is to speak up.

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Green Party candidate enters Ward 8 race


A second candidate emerged in April for the Ward 8 City Council seat Elizabeth Glidden plans to leave after three terms in office.

Terry White, a marketing operations manager in the healthcare industry, is making his first run for public office with the backing of the local Green Party. White will go up against Andrea Jenkins, a DFLer who once worked as Glidden’s aide and now leads the University of Minnesota’s Transgender Oral History Project.

“A large part of why I’m running as a Green is to ensure that ecological wisdom is incorporated into city policies,” White said. “In particular, I want to ensure that the city’s Climate Action Plan is implemented and fully funded.”

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Elizabeth Dickinson Green Endorsed for Saint Paul Mayor

The Green Party of the 4th Congressional District has officially endorsed Elizabeth Dickinson in the Saint Paul Mayoral race!

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Sunflower Seed E-Newsletter February/March 2017

Welcome to the February/March 2017 issue of the Sunflower Seed! In this issue you will find the most recent 2017 Green endorsed candidates, learn how Greens are defending Ranked Choice Voting in Saint Paul, get an update on the historic Cheri Honkala campaign to fight establishment corruption, and learn about massive Green successes in the Netherlands and England! Enjoy!

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Green Cam Gordon Criticizes Xcel Energy for Bullying on Bad Bill

From Green Councilmember Cam Gordon

"I'm very disturbed by the news that Xcel Energy has used its economic power to muzzle fair, if pointed, criticism of it's terrible 'Becker bill'

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Green Candidate Sam Pree-Stinson Releases Environmental Policy

Samantha L. Pree-Stinson

Green Party Endorsed Candidate

Minneapolis City Council Ward 3

White paper: Energy, Environment and Transportation

Minneapolis and St. Paul are two of the hardest hit cities due to climate change. Currently, renewable energy fuels only about 21% of MN electricity. We are getting much dryer and over the last 50 years we have seen a 40% increase in extreme storms. We need green spaces and not more concrete to absorb the heat. The good news is that we have options. Options that allow us to make better use of our space in the city, increase our self-sustainability, and make for a SMART future thinking city for generations of Minneapolitans to come.

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Greens Blast Racist Threat, Stand Behind Pree-Stinson

Minneapolis-5th District Green Party 

For Immediate Release

Date:    March 13, 2017          Contact: Betsy Barnum 

Location: Minneapolis                                                          701-610-3432 

Greens Blast Racist Threat, Stand Behind Pree-Stinson 

The Green Party stands strongly behind our endorsed candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 3, Samantha Pree-Stinson, in the wake of a threatening racist note left on the fence at her home.

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