Call for Bylaw Proposals 2019

Proposed changes to the Bylaws of the Green Party of Minnesota will be considered at the Annual Membership Meeting in June 2019 (watch for exact date).

To be considered at the June meeting, proposals must reach the Green Party of Minnesota by May 13. Proposals will be reviewed by the Core Documents Committee and organized for publication. By May 25, the committee will post on the GPMN website the proposals to be considered at the meeting. The proposals will be mailed to those without internet access. Please email [email protected] with questions.

Proposals can be submitted by individuals, but proposals that come from groups, either CD locals, other kinds of locals, caucuses or informal groups of Greens, are usually better. Please consider working with a group if you would like to make a proposal.

Submit proposals by sending an email to [email protected] Use the subject line Bylaws Proposal on your email. You can also mail in your proposal by addressing it to Bylaws Proposal, Green Party of MN, 4200 Cedar Ave. S., #8, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Please follow these guidelines in writing your proposal:

  • Use the bylaws numbering system to identify where your proposal would fit within the Bylaws document. See Bylaws under About GPMN on the GPMN website.
  • Include the existing language with the change you are proposing.
  • Make sure your proposal does not create repetition.
  • Be concise and focused--use a minimum of words to convey your meaning.
  • Include your name, address, email and phone number in case we have a question.

This year, the Coordinating Committee and many Greens from around the state have been involved in a reorganization process with the aim of making the GPMN more flexible, responsive and representative of Minnesota Greens on every level, to dismantle social, historical and geographic barriers to full participation in the party and in leadership by those affected by colonialism, racism, slavery and discrimination, and to build intersectional community.

The exploration of what this might look like was severely interrupted by snowstorms and extreme cold happening on every weekend from late January through early March when meetings were planned. The discussions that happened in December and January, however, led to a number of proposals for changes to the GPMN Bylaws to enable progress toward making this vision real. They are aimed at increasing flexibility in a number of areas and clarifying others. They will be brought forward by the CC and posted after May 25 along with proposals received from members.


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