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My name is Darnella Wade and I am one of the Co-chairs of the
4th Congressional District of Minnesota. As a Green Party
Representative, it is my duty to protect the citizens of
Minnesota. Environmental Safety is an issue the Green Party
stands on. I feel obligated to speak up when it comes to their
safety, well-being, and welfare. One of the issues that have come
forward, and has recently come to my concern is the
willingness of the Minnesota Department of Health for the
People of Minnesota to participate in a CDC pilot program
regarding the Co-Vid 19 and the not yet developed vaccine.
I would like to know have you ran any polls or conducted any
research or studies on who is willing to participate (if any) in
Minnesota? What will this mean for Minnesota as a whole?
We all know that Co-Vid 19 has taken the world by storm, but
what we don’t know is the surety of any vaccine; nor its
effectiveness, side effects, or repercussions of this vaccine made
at warp speed. I do not think that Minnesota Residents have
had a chance to speak on this issue publically nor have we been
forewarned. Perhaps, this an issue to be voted on in
November’s ballot by the people of Minnesota.

I am writing this letter because I want to know what
precautions are set forward for the people who choose to

What are the safety nets set in place to protect those of the
community from those who participate?
Co-Vid is a silent disease. It has taken the most vulnerable, the
elderly, those who lack adequate insurance and those with
pre-existing conditions at a rapid number and to test a new
vaccine on them would be clearly unethical.
As a spokesperson for the people of the Green Party of the 4th
CD, I would like to know how will these pilots be conducted?
Who are the communities that will participate in the pilot?
Will the participants receive any incentives for such a risky
world study?
We know that this new vaccine is being introduced through
Operation Warp Speed and the big-name pharmaceutical
companies are paid to the tune of $100,000 to 2.1 billion
dollars. Sink or swim? How many lives can a failed vaccine take?
We can’t afford to lose not one more.
In response to the CDC’s invitation, I think that Minnesotans
should be highly compensated, monitored for a year or
possibly 2, and are provided universal healthcare for such a
risky social experiment.
This pilot is just a social experiment that can prove detrimental
to the unexpected volunteer, or it can be the breakthrough that
the world is looking for. We understand the importance of this
pilot, indeed. We know that people are free to involve

themselves as they please. I would like for the people of
Minnesota to know the risk, chances, and details of this pilot.

I am a member of District 65B of Mn. and recently was pursuing
the position of State Representative for this same District. A lot
has changed due to Co-Vid 19 and St. Paul has recently
invested in a 6.5 million dollar refrigerated building on L’Orient
Ave. (in St. Paul) that serves as a morgue and we also have
turned an old hospital into a Co-Vid quarantine hospital, on
Park Ave. ( in St. Paul) Those are big contributions in a high-risk
community. I feel that our community has become an
expendable target. I declare, our community is not a dumping
ground for toxic waste created around the world. We need
protections the same as well off communities.
I would like a response to this letter very soon.
I do not want to alarm the community with the reality of them
all being high risk. I do not think that the participation of such a
crucial pilot should be taken lightly. Co-vid 19 at many times
have no symptoms as it is. That in its self is alarming. Once
again let me reiterate why I am writing this letter for the
protection of the people of Minnesota.
I appreciate your time out to read, respond and allow the
people of Minnesota to be a part of this pilot or appropriately
deny the invitation of the CDC until we all understand the

repercussions, rewards, incentives and the harmful effects of
this pilot, I feel we should not participate.

Thank you,
Darnella Wade
Co-Chair of the 4 th Congressional District
Of the Green Party

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