Greens Stand With Charlottesville

We condemn the racist violence that has taken place in Charlottesville, VA, which has left one anti-racist activist dead, and many more injured.

The refusal by President Trump to condemn these acts of terror is deplorable. His refusal to call out the violent actions of white supremacists speaks volumes about where he stands. Violence and terrorism perpetrated by organized white supremacists is not a new phenomenon.

Its history is sadly interwoven with that of America since before our country's founding. Those in communities most often on the receiving end of this violence need not be reminded of this fact.

The Green Party of Minnesota stands with all those on the front lines in Charlottesville, VA, who are bravely resisting racism and violence.

"We call on all Minnesota Greens to provide support to these front-line activists, and to stand with all those across Minnesota working to combat racism and white supremacy in our own communities," said Party Chair Brandon Long.

You can find a solidarity vigil near you in the following locations:


Apply Valley

Coon Rapids


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