Covid 19 Shows The Weakness Of The American For Profit Health Care System

The current pandemic of COVID – 19 shows the weakness of our corporate-driven, for-profit health care system (rather, I should say health care non-system), and why we need a single-payer health care system.
I do not mind my tax money providing health care for the poor and working poor.  But I do mind my tax money subsidizing HMOs. Minnesota's HMOs have turned a deaf ear to small business restaurant owners trying to provide health insurance to their employees, many of who have been laid off. Those small business owners are just asking for an extension, and the insurance corporations will not listen.
The mental health care clinic I work at has therapists providing therapy by teleconference. We do not know if the insurance corporations will pay for teleconference therapy.  Usually, they do not.  But due to responsibility of care, the clinic is committed to provide therapy regardless of payment from insurance corporations.
This clinic I work at is fortunate to have an endowment to get us through this pandemic, but what will happen to clinics and small business restaurant owners who do not have an endowment? This is why we need a single payer health care plan that puts people before profit.

Amber Garlan

Green Party of Minnesota 



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