e-sign deadline is Aug. 15


The Green Party of Minnesota is currently a minor party. So, we must collect at least 2,000 petition signatures by August 15 for Howie and Angela to appear on the MN General Election ballot. So if you are an eligible MN voter (not necessarily registered) sign this electronic petition today!

By signing you are not required to vote for the candidates, but agree these candidates shall appear on the ballot for others. Then, tens of thousands of Minnesota voters will not be disenfranchised and will be able to vote for the Hawkins/Walker ticket on November 3.

Those who voted in the 2020 MN Presidential Primary in March are not prohibited from signing the petition. We do not keep or use the information for any purpose other than to submit this to the MN Secretary of State. You will not be contacted or added to any mailing lists or databases.

For more information about the Hawkins/Walker campaign visit howiehawkins.us


E-Sign here >>> https://hawkins2020.net/mnpetition1/htdocs/  Deadline is August 15!

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