Get Out the Vote for Jill Stein!

DSCF9065.JPGWe’re on the homestretch! The countdown to election day is on!

In an election year with historically hated corporate candidates, and a real demand for alternatives to the corrupt two party system, voters are flocking to Jill Stein and the Green vision. 

Here are reasons to #VoteGreen this year:

-If Jill Stein receives just 1% of the vote in Minnesota GPMN retains minor status for four more years ensuring that we are an officially recognized political party and have access to the tax check off fund.

-Just 5% for Jill gains GPMN major party status, meaning we are guaranteed ballot access for all state legislative, congressional, and statewide races for four years as well as the next presidential race in 2020! This also means Greens have access to all debates and state election funds!

-Winning the state means we send a HUGE message to the establishment that single payer, peace, renewable energy, abolishing student debt, ending the War on Drugs, getting money out of politics, and putting people, planet and peace over profit will be accomplished!

(Please note: in Minnesota your ballot will say "Jill Stein/Howie Hawkins" - due to restrictive ballot access laws we were forced to use a stand-in on our petitions to get Jill on the ballot. The petitions were due only two weeks after our nominating convention. Despite no law saying he cannot, Secretary of State Steve Simon refused to replace our stand-in with our endorsed candidate. Please vote Stein/Hawkins - our electoral college voters know to vote for Stein/Baraka in the event Jill wins Minnesota. Then contact Steve Simon and let him know how you feel about keeping the only person of color running on a presidential ticket off of your ballot.)

Here's what you can do to help:

1.  Contact a regional coordinator in your area for lawn signs, bumper stickers, buttons, and literature – to find your areas coordinator click here!

2.  Get two or three people with cars or bikes to plaster them with Stein support info and ride around your neighborhood – click here for materials (lawn signs, literature, flyers, buttons, bumper stickers).

3.  Refer undecided voters to:

4.  LTE (letters to the editor) on why you support the Jill/Baraka campaign – click here for suggestions on how to write a LTE!

5.  Sponsor an event for visibility (small gatherings, holding signs on overpasses, neighborhood canvassing, fundraiser! 

(Have the Green Party of Minnesota post these events by emailing [email protected] with details!)

6.  Chalk sidewalks!

7.  Call in to local media (radio, tv, etc) on why you support Stein/Baraka!

8.  Phone bank - click here to phone bank from home!

9. Connect with local Greens/Jill supporters and volunteer coordinators near you:

Rochester for Jill/Green Party Congressional District 1 Seedling

Green Party of the 4th Congressional District

Minnesota 5th Congressional District Green Party

Minnesota 6th Congressional District Green Party

Minnesota 8th Congressional District Green Party

Green Party of Washington County

Regional Volunteer coordinators:

Deer River/Northern MN: Mel Thoresen, [email protected]

Moorhead/West Cental MN: Karl Keene, [email protected]

Rochester/Southern MN: Barb Huning, [email protected]

Minneapolis/St. Paul MN: Tony Korum, [email protected]

University of Minnesota (St. Cloud campus): Dee Fernando, [email protected]

10.  Use all forms of social media to promote Stein/Baraka

Campaign Social Media accounts to follow:


Jill Stein:

Ajamu Baraka:

Green Party US:

Green Party Minnesota: 


Jill Stein: @DrJillStein

Ajamu Baraka: @ajamubaraka

Green Party US: @GreenPartyUS

Green Party Minnesota: @MnGreens


Jill Stein: @drjillstein

Ajamu Baraka: @ajamubaraka

Green Party US: @greenpartyus

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