GPMN Coordinating Committee July 2015 Meeting Notes

7/12/15 Green Party CC Meeting

Members present: Betsy Barnum, Lena Buggs, Amber Garlan, Andy Hamerlinck, Jim Ivey, Brandon Long (speaker phone) and  Mel Thorsen (speaker phone)

 Guest: AJ Janssen, Kriss Osbakken (speaker phone), Dee Ann Royce (speaker phone)

 Facilitator: Andy Hamerlinck

Note Taker: Amber Garlan

Check In – 

• The minutes from the 6/11/15 CC meeting were approved by consensus
• Need need to post minutes on the website

Treasurer’s Report - Amber

• Political Contribution Refund Program (PCRP) donations were $5,466.14
• Thank you Brandon, Kourtny, Vanessa, Andy and Jim for phone banking!
• Our current balance is $6,166.66

Committee Reports:

Communications Committee – Brandon

• Brandon has a goal of 2,000 followers on Facebook
• Brandon wants a new look for the Green Party website
• We need to enter CC meetings time and place in newsletter, Facebook and website to let people know that our meetings are open to the public.
• We need to post the agenda for the CC meeting 1 week in advance on the Green Party website.
• Amber will send the final agenda to Brandon

Membership Committee – Andy

• Andy met with Bill Kelly for social media communication
• Jim and Andy worked on address correction
• Organizing for the MN State Fair

Politics Committee – Lena

• In 2016 work on a coordinated campaign for Green Party candidates for soil and water commissioner.
• There are 87 soil and water districts
• Kriss Osbakken is running for Duluth City Council
• Dennis Barsness is running for State House Rep of 5B in 2016

Organization Committee – Betsy

• The bylaws change passed at the Green Party Summer Membership Meeting in Duluth on 6/13/15 has been updated.
• Betsy has concerns about updates being properly recorded.
• Betsy is concerned about the CC agenda and minutes being posted
• Betsy wants us to visit the CC policy about absenteeism of CC members.

Finance Committee – Amber

• Amber wants to send thank you notes to everybody who sent a PCRP contribution, these contributors can also be emailed a thank you and then phone banked for volunteering at the MN State Fair Green Party booth.
• David Schultz would like 1 person from the Green Party to contact him, and Andy will be that person.
• David Schultz said that crowd funding is legally OK
• We need to meet with Julie to be clearly organize the recording of contributors to comply with state finance law.
• Amber wants to have a fundraiser for MN State Fair admission tickets for volunteers at the Green Party booth at the MN State Fair.

Locals Update

5th CD – Andy

• Andy, Vanessa, Brandon and Kourtny met with Phil Kelly to help him reach out to 5th CD Greens for the next 5th CD membership party
• The next 5th CD membership meeting is 7/19/15 at 1:00 at the Franklin Library
• There will be a meeting at the Green Party office on Wednesday 7/15/15 at 6:00 to phone bank 5th CD Greens about the 5th CD membership meeting.
• Andy Schuler seeks the 5th CD endorsement for Golden Valley City Council in 2015
• Laura Libby will seek re-election in 2016 for the Crystal City Council

4th CD – Lena

• Trahern Crews is running for St. Paul City Council 2015
• 1st annual 4th CD picnic will be 8/2/15, Lena is waiting on confirmation of location
• Diane did successful fundraising for the Green Party of the 4th CD using the PCRP
• The Rondo Days parade will be Saturday 7/18/15 at 10:00.  The starting place is St. Peter Claver church.
• For the parade, the signs that show the 4 pillars are wanted, Lena will get them. 

Itasca County Greens – Mel

• The Itasca County Green Party meet every month and has a new treasurer.
• The Itasca County Green Party will make a float for the Farmer's Day parade.
• Dennis Barsness is seeking endorsement of the Itasca County Green Party to run for the the 5B State House Rep seat. 

Green Party of MN sponsoring Hemp Fest – AJ

• Hemp Fest needs proof in insurance in order to hold the festival
• Hemp Fest will be in Austin Minnesota on 9/5/15
• This will give the Green Party of Minnesota media exposure
• Legalization of hemp is in the Green Party Platform
• The Green Party of MN will organize volunteers, Green Party table and literature
• Lena and Amber will be at the Green Party table
• Proposal: The Green Party of MN will use its insurance to cover Hemp Fest and Lena and Amber will be in communication with the Hemp Fest committee.  Passed by consensus.
• Lena and Amber will check in with AJ
• Amber will mail a copy of the Green Party insurance to AJ
• Greens in south east Minnesota should be called and invited to attend

GPUS report – AJ

• Amber sent the list of GPUS delegates and alternates to Holly Hart of the National Green Party.
• Andy will be the liaison of the GPUS delegates and the CC
• The GPUS members need an email list.  Andy will work on that this weekend.
• Steve Linneroot has stepped up and voted already!
• Steve, Luke and Seth are the current GPUS reps.

Green Party booth at the MN State Fair – Betsy, Lena and Andy

• Betsy, Lena and Brandon met to discuss literature for the Green Party booth at the MN State Fair.  We need to put new current address labels on our literature
• Betsy, Lena and Brandon want to make a banner
• Eye catching handout on 3 issues, different printers were contacted, it will cost about $1,800
• Proposal: To approve $2,000 for literature, passed by consensus
• We will follow Green Party values in choosing a printer
• Do we need The Sunflower?  No, not this year
• Andy has the list of volunteers from the 2014 and 2013 of the MN State Fair Green Party booth 
• Andy has a goal of 72 volunteers
• Proposal: The Green Party will buy 72 admission tickets to the MN State Fair for Green Party booth volunteers.  Passed by Consensus
• Amber will take the form to buy admission tickets to Julie Madden 

Green Party restructuring area discussion of finance – Betsy

• Our goal is to raise sustain donors to $1,000 a month
• We need to develop a fund raising plan with specific goals
• Crowd sourcing for specific purposes
• Allow sustaining donors to use a credit card on NationBuilder, right now people have to set up a paypal account
• Quarterly events to raise money
• A fundraising committee is needed, Tori, Becki, Kourtny and Vanessa should be called and asked to be on this committee.
• Amber will call a fundraising meeting.
CC Policies – Betsy
• The Green Party of Minnesota Coordinating Committee Policies should be two documents, one document of CC structure and one document on CC policies.
• Resolution: Betsy will create 2 different documents.  Passed by consensus

Form a committee to explore concerns from Kriss Osbakken, Andrew Brooks and Kathleen Spencer – Andy

• Betsy Barnum and Andy Hamerlinck will be the committee, all concerns will be sent to Andy and Betsy.

Election of State Green Party chair

• The consensus was to have Amber be the state party chair until July 2016, when her CC terms ends
• Lena is the co-chair
• The executive committee is: Lena, Mel, Brandon, Betsy and Amber.  They will prepare the agenda

Greater MN Meeting

• The CC policies require the CC to have a CC meeting in greater Minnesota
• The CC meeting in greater Minnesota will be 10/10/15 in Itasca County
• Mel will reserve the meeting space

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