Green Party Minnesota Chair Response to #i94ShutDown

 i94shutdown.jpgI am quite horrified by mainstream media reports that read like police department public relations pieces and Saint Paul DFL Mayor Chris Coleman's victim blaming this morning over last night's #i94shutdown.

I was there, unlike Coleman, and heard protesters (I was one of them) beg police to let children out before they were hit with gas and concussion grenades.

I have footage showing police throwing more flash grenades than I've ever seen at a protest - greatly escalating the situation, which went virtually unreported in mainstream media.

Corporate media will never report a people's perspective, they will cling to anything that makes people with a legitimate concern, grievance, or anger look like out of control animals - especially black people.

I am wholeheartedly disgusted by DFL mayor Coleman's comments and the grossly biased perspective of the corporate media.

Thank you so much to the reporting organization Unicorn Riot for being the people's voice once again last night.

Thank you to Black Lives Matter Minneapolis for condemning the actions of white, self-styled anarchist, agitators (who I can attest to chasing away myself) who put protestors and police lives in danger.

I felt the community's pain last night and I won't forget it. And I certainly won't abandon you when it's less convenient.

No matter how bad last night may or may not have been, it does not erase the systematic racial injustices in our economy, in our policing, in our schools, in our "justice system", or in society as a whole.

It also does not change the fact that an innocent man, Philando Castile, was gunned down in his car by a police officer for no reason and has yet to be served justice. #JusticeForPhilando

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