GPMN Coordinating Committee April 2016 Meeting Notes (Approved)

Members present: Jim Brown, Lena Buggs, Amber Garlan, Jim Ivey, Brandon Long, Carol Mellom and Mel Thorsen (by phone)
Facilitator: Lena Buggs
Note Taker: Amber Garlan
4/9/16 Green Party CC Meeting
Committee Reports
Communications Committee – Brandon Long and Jim Ivey
  • 2,177 Facebook followers
  • 1,195 twitter followers
  • Website is up
  • meeting with Matt Kozlowski today to work on website
  • Put candidate information on website
  • Eric Gilbertson helped with the 4th CD website
  • CC email not working
Membership Committee – Brandon Long for Andy Hamerlinck and Jim Ivey
  • Search for Soil and Water candidates
  • Filing date for Soil and Water candidates is 5/17/16 through 5/31/16
  • Barbara Huning from Rochester donated $100 a month, because of frustration with the Bernie Sanders Campaign.
  • Brandon had a phone conference meeting with Barbara and wants to set up a meeting in Rochester.
  • A woman from the southwest suburbs called to know about the Jill Stein campaign.
Politics Committee – Lena Buggs and Mel Thorsen
  • While the legislature is in session the politics committee meets every Thursday in the Transportation building cafeteria.
  • The session ends 5/3/16
  • There is a bill at the capital SF2985 and HF3549 that would move electing delegates for Presidential candidates to a caucus.
  • There is another bill that would move primaries back from August to June. This could effect the signature gathering time line for ballot access.
Office Committee – Carol Mellom
  • Carol Mellom, Tori Johnston and Becki Smith cleaned the office
  • Going through the files is the next task.
CD Reports:
4th CD - Lena
  • Candidate screening will be 5/1/16
  • 4/15/16 is the deadline for candidate questionnaires to be screened
  • Lena will send out an email telling everybody about the candidate questionnaire
  • Beverly Hanson will be mailed the Sunflower because she does not have a computer and requested information about what is going on in the Green Party.
5th CD - Brandon
  • The next meeting of the 5th CD is 4/11/16
  • The 5th CD needs names and phone numbers
  • Jim is send names and phone numbers to Doug
  • Brandon meet with Russ “Rooster” Henry to run for Soil and Water Commissioner
  • Brandon wants to get Cam Gordon to reach out to Nekima Levy-Pounds to run for office as a Green
  • 5th CD is trying to reach out for School Board Candidates
1st CD – Jim Brown
  • Mark Freedman who was going to run for Senator Kathy Sharon's seat has withdrawn. Mark Freedman is a single payer advocate.
Itasca County Greens - Mel
  • There is going to be Greens from St. Paul driving to Grand Rapids to help Dennis Barsness to gather signatures to be on the ballot for House of Representative 5B.
  • Mel Thorsen will be running for Soil and Water Commissioner.
  • The Itasca County Greens met Tuesday 4/5/16, focused mainly on Dennis Barsness's campaign.
  • The Itasca County Greens are putting together a flier
6/11/16 Biennial Convention – Lena Buggs
  • Lena has called the Kelly Inn and St. Cloud State University for a location.
  • The price of a location at the Kelly Inn is $358 (backup location)
  • The price of a location at St. Cloud State University is $375 (first choice)
  • 5/7/16 is the cutoff date, if we have not heard back from St. Cloud University by 5/7/16, we will go with the Kelly Inn.
  • A second round of postcards will be mailed 5/20/16
  • The order of business will be Presidential delegate election, CC elections, Bylaws and Platform.
  • Darryl Chuney has responded to Lena's request for an appearance of a Green Party Presidential candidate.
  • We will try to make Skype available to other candidates
Green Party endorsement of Wayne Pauluk and Sharon Lemay
  • Because Wayne Pauluk and Sharon Lemay do not have a Green Party local where they live, they will have their endorsement meeting at the 5/14/16 CC meeting.
  • Wayne Pauluk is from Maple Grove and is running for Hennipen County Commissioner.
  • Sharon Lemay is from Anoka and will be running for Soil and Water Commissioner
  • They will be contacted to come to the 5/14/16 CC meeting for their endorsement meeting.
Follow up on the Ecology Democracy Party discussion
  • Andy Schuler talked to Ken Pentel about the Ecology Democracy Party joining with the Green Party for work on issues and workshops.
  • We will ask Andy what Ken said.
June CC meeting – Amber
  • Since the Green Party Biennial meeting is 6/11/16, should we move the June CC meeting to another date?
  • The CC passed by consensus to have the June CC meeting 6/4/16.
  • Amber asked Dave Bicking if the meeting room was free, and Dave said yes, and that he would put us on the schedule for 6/4/16.
Booths and Parades? (MayDay, Pride, Juneteenth) – Amber
  • Who will organize the Green Party presence in these events?
  • We will ask the 5th CD if they are interested in organizing any of these events 
Green Party booth at the MN State Fair
  • We have set 3 goals for the Green Party to accomplish at the Green Party booth at the MN State Fair:
1. Sign 10 people up each day as members of the Green Party (focus on growing the party)
    • 2. Have people sign a petition (gather data)
    • 3. Have contribution forms available (if we get enough monthly donors, we can pay for the Green Party booth at the MN State Fair)
  • Have a map of where Green Party candidates are running
  • Buy admission tickets for volunteers
  • recruit volunteers at the Biennial Convention
Anti-Capitalism Amendment – Brandon
  • Youth Caucus of the National Green Party endorsed this amendment and are looking for state parties to endorse.
  • The Green Party of MN passed by consensus endorsing this amendment.
  • We recommend that our delegates endorse this amendment, and that the Green Party of MN be a co-sponsor.

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