GPMN Coordinating Committee December 2015 Meeting Notes (Approved)

12/12/15 Green Party CC Meeting 

Members present: Betsy Barnum, Lena Buggs, Amber Garlan, Brandon Long, and Mel Thoresen (Skype)   

Guest: Kourtny Wedeking 

Facilitator:  Brandon Long

Approve Agenda – The agenda has been approved 

Approve November CC minutes – Approved

• The November CC retreat were the minutes

Treasurer’s Report

• The ending balance of November is $5,257.62 after all deposits and payments cleared.  
• $70 was raised at the Green Party Thanksgiving leftover party on 11/28/15, it will be split between the 4th CD, 5th CD and the MN Green Party
• $153.20 was raised at the 4200 Cedar Ave. Holiday Craft and Bake Sale on 12/5/15 

Committee Reports

Communications Committee – Brandon

• 1,736 Facebook followers, the goal is 2,000 by 12/31/15, we are almost surpassing Independence and Libertarian Parties
• Brandon will set up a meeting with Andy Schuler to be on the Communications Committee

Organization Committee – Betsy

• Updating CC policies, Betsy and Carol have been meeting
• An executive committee person needs to keep track of issues raised during the meeting that need to be followed up for the next CC meeting, and do the agenda for the next CC meeting so that these issues can be followed up on.
• The executive committee members are: Betsy Barnum, Lena Buggs, Amber Garlan, Brandon Long and Mel Thoresen.
• Betsy Barnum volunteered to track issues during this CC meeting and create the agenda for the next CC meeting 1/9/16.

Politics Committee – Lena and Mel

• Kriss Osbakken had a good campaign and got close to 4,000 votes
• Mel Thoresen will run for Soil and Water Commissioner
• Dennis Barsness will run for State House of Representatives 5B
• Andy Dawkins will have the 3rd Party forum at St. Cloud State, the professor at St. Cloud State wants to have a forum on the 1st Amendment and focus on the media.
• The possible dates for the forum is 2/9/16 or 2/16/16, we will need to find a Green Party person to participate. 

Membership Committee – Brandon in place of Andy

• Sharon LeMay and several other people have expressed interest in convening a caucus on 3/1/16.
• Further caucus conveners are needed in the metro area and greater Minnesota. 

Local's Report

4th CD

• Election of officers at the next 4th CD membership meeting on 1/3/16
• 3/1/16 Caucus location and convener will be on the agenda at the next 4th CD membership meeting. 

5th CD

• There is a lot of anger at the police and Mayor for the shut down of the protesters at the 4th precinct in north Minneapolis.
• Brandon wants to organize a strategy meeting with Cam Gordon for the 2017 elections of Minneapolis Mayor and City Council.

8th CD

• The 8th CD area is very large and they are having trouble finding a location for everybody to meet.
• Kate from Cass Lake wants to convene a caucus

Itasca County Greens

• The Itasca County Green Party met 12/4/15 and will meet again 1/16/16
• The Itasca County Greens meet every month
• Running Soil and Water Commissioner candidates
• The Mall where they meet wants the Itasca County Greens to table

GPUS Report

• Betsy will ask the GPUS delegates to submit a report of information from the National Green Party at the CC meetings.
• Brandon is on the National Green Party media committee 

Updating CC policies – Betsy

• Betsy will update CC policies

Green Party Website Report – Brandon

• A proposal to pay $500 to Matt Koslowski to update the Green Party website, Passed by Consensus
• The goal is to set up a structure that we can provide to locals
• Matt Koslowski volunteered on Andy Dawkins's campaign
• The CC needs to start having trainings on Nation Builder
• The Green Party website needs a link to the Sunflower Seed
• New Zealand has the best Green Party website

Fundraising Plan – Kourtny

• Kourtny has written a fundraising plan with a monthly plan from January to June for raising sustaining donors to $1,000 per month.
• 61 new donors at $5 a month are needed
• Kourtny has created a sustaining donor form
• The goal at the Winter Membership Meeting is 10 new sustaining donors
• In March there will be a fundraising drive
• We can give gifts to sustaining donors
• We need to meet with Julie Madden to organize sustaining donors by website or giving Julie a voided check.
• We should always pass the hat at every Green Party Membership Meeting

2016 Green Party Budget – Amber

• Amber proposed that the 2015 budget be continued for 2016 with two changes; we will raise the amount budgeted for Nation Builder from $250 to $800, we will lower the amount budgeted for the phone from $1,000 to $250.  Proposal passed by consensus
• Amber will bring the 2016 Green Party budget with the changes to the 1/9/16 meeting.
• Amber will send the 2016 Green Party budget to Julie Madden

Green Party Winter Membership Meeting

• The Green Party Winter Membership Meeting is 1/23/16 at the Rondo Library from 10:30 to 3:00
• There will be two parts to the membership meeting, business and workshops
• The business part will include: CC elections, elected Green Party officials speaking, Green Party presidential candidates speaking, announcements of caucuses on 3/1/16.
• Lena will send emails to the Green Party presidential candidates to invite them to the Green Party Winter Membership meeting
• The workshop part will include 2 sets of 3 workshops.  The workshops are; $15Now, Water, Felony Voting Rights restoration
• Bob Tannen will present the Water workshop
• Brandon will ask people to present the workshop on $15Now
• Lena will ask people to present the felony voting rights workshop
• Amber will ask Rich Broderick to open the Green Party Winter Membership Meeting with a poem
• There will be a potluck for lunch

Agenda Items:

• 10:30 check in and credentialing
• CC elections
• Have elected officials speak
• potluck
• 1:00 to 3:00 workshops
• The agenda will be worked out in detail at the 1/9/16 CC meeting

 3/1/16 Caucuses

• Locations and conveners are needed, public schools are free
• Caucus packets for conveners are needed
• The deadline for caucus locations and conveners is 2/1/16
• On 1/9/16 the caucus convener packet material will be decided
• Business at the Green Party Caucuses will be: Green Party Presidential straw poll, resolutions and candidate announcements

Presidential delegates for the National Green Party Convention in Houston Texas

• Green Party Presidential delegates will be elected at the 6/11/16 Green Party of MN Biennial Convention 

Biennial Convention – Betsy

• The business at the biennial convention will be: resolutions, platform changes, CC elections, Green Party Presidential delegate elections
• Lena is working on finding a location in St. Cloud
• Lena will bring a list of options on price and locations to the 1/9/16 CC meeting
• Betsy will bring a platform revision process

Green Party booth at the MN State Fair

• We need concrete goals and outcomes to judge the success of having a Green Party booth at the MN State Fair
• The Green Party booth needs to be interactive, interactive with the people at the fair and interactive with social media to connect with people all over the state, country and planet.

Green Party spokesperson – Dave Bicking

• Dave wants the contact information of the Green Party spokesperson to be more prominent on the Green Party website, so that the media knows who to contact.

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