GPMN Coordinating Committee December 2016 Meeting Notes (Approved)

Minutes from Green Party of MN Coordinating Committee 12/10/16

4200 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN


Minutes from Green Party of MN Coordinating Committee 12/10/16
4200 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN


Introductions (Andy H, Brandon, Lena, Dee, Barb H, Jim, Andy S). Agenda approved.

10:15 Membership Committee

  •   Paid admin staff proposal update
    New administrative position approved to assist Coordinating Committee and subcommittees with effec- tive organizing ($15/hr, 20 hours/week., January - June). Betsy Barnum has been offered a contractual agreement for the new position. Brandon, Andy, and Jim will meet with Betsy.

  •   Volunteer survey results
    The volunteer survey results have been positive. Surveyees need to be identified into two groups: Politics Committee will reach out to those interested in becoming candidates; Membership Committee will con- nect with interested volunteers.

  •   State fair form and minor party status form
    Brandon will call Secretary of State and State Fair about forms.

    10:40 Finance Committee

  •   Treasurer’s report
    Increase in sustainable donors.

  •   Budget for 2017 update
    We are at our 10% savings threshold right now so no new budget items added.

  •   Fundraising update
    Send out holiday thank you cards. Get list of donors from Julie. Andy will draw a picture.

    11:20 Organizing Committee

  •   Locals report
    8CD: To start Itasca Greens; 7CD: Wilmer; 6CD: Push for meeting in Feb or sooner, more meetings; Out- reach/Fundraising at St. Cloud U; 5CD: City race strategy discussion ongoing; 4CD: This week meeting about city race strategy, respond to RCV attack; 1CD: New local approves bylaws, strong group

  •   Winter membership meeting, other events
    Work on details for “road show”/multiple regional stops (3 areas or more), hold membership meeting in spring/summer with: History of party, visuals/workshops, elected officials,

    11:55 Communication Committee

    New Instagram account; Twitter [2,000 +]; Facebook [4,300 +]; Monthly newsletter, fundraiser e-mails, survey; Send Brandon GP related news; air live swearing in ceremony for newly elected Greens: Steve, Sharon, Lena

    12:00 Politics Committee

  •   Recruiting candidates 2017/2018
    Contact those from survey, Minneapolis Council Dist. 4 candidate needed, Andy S. will talk with Luce about Park Board Dist. 2,

  •   Research update
    Living document for CC tracking seats, districts, results, info, etc.; meet leaders in different St. Cloud demographics to run for office,

  •   Facilitating ongoing dialogue with elected officials

  •   Lobbying/2017 legislative plan, meet with Ken Pentel: Adopt Ecology Democracy platform

  •   Engaging other parties


    Meeting adjourned (Next meeting: Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017) 

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