GPMN Coordinating Committee Meeting

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Green Party of Minnesota Coordinating Committee

May 13, 2017


AGENDA (draft)

1:30-1:35         Approve agenda

1:35-1:40         Approve minutes from last meeting

1:40-1:55         Treasurer’s report

1:55-2:45         Monthly Reports

Finance Committee

Membership Committee

Organization Committee

Communication Committee

Politics Committee

2nd CD

4th CD

5th CD

6th CD

8th CD

Itasca Greens

Other CD reports

GPUS report

2:45-2:50         Report from administrator

2:50-3:00         Data-sharing agreement

3:00-3:30         Paula Overby

3:30-3:40         Debrief Greens Get Active

3:40-3:45         CC Policies Appendices revision       

3:45-4:00         Annual Meeting: Location, Agenda, Bylaws Process

4:00-4:10         State Fair planning

4:10-4:25         Printing for Fair and tabling

4:25-4:30         Ad in Pride edition of Lavender

4:30-4:35         Sponsor Democracy Convention

4:35-4:40         Endorse or sponsor Physicians for a National Health Plan-MN; Transportation Forward

4:40 pm           Adjourn


May 13, 2017 at 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Dave's Place, 4200 Cedar Ave S., Minneapolis, 2nd Floor Meeting Room
Betsy Barnum · · 651-288-2820

Will you come?

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