GPMN Coordinating Committee November 2016 Meeting Notes (Approved)

Minutes from November GPMN CC meeting (Rochester) 10/30/2016


Minutes from last meeting approved

Debrief of 2016 election

  • –  Presidential campaign

    • –  Increase from 13k in 2012 to 37k in 2016

    • –  Improvement in every county over 2012 (20 counties over 200% growth)

    • –  State organizing efforts largely fell on the CC

    • –  Many potential volunteers but didnʼt have staff and location for organizing


  • –  MN

    • –  Three Soil and Water candidate races won

    • –  Other races included MN House, County Commissioner and City Council

    • –  Q: How should candidates seek endorsement for 2017/2018 races?

– A: Endorsements happen at the most local organization (e.g. 6th CD), announcing and holding a local endorsing meeting with potential candidates invited. If there is no local, the state CC can interview and endorse a candidate.

– [ACTION] Need to ensure minor party status is submitted to MN SOS

Membership Committee [Kristen, Jim, Barbara Postema]

  • –  Discussion by Johnny Akzam of the need to support formation of many new

    small locals

  • –  Proposal for paid staffer for administrative duties

    • –  [APPROVED] Agreement on proposal, initially at 8 hrs/week at $15/hour

    • –  Next steps

      • –  Draft contract

      • –  Offer to Betsy Barnum

      • –  Long-term plan for managing staff

  • –  [ACTION] Check for MN State Fair form

    Finance Committee [Barb Huning]

  • –  Treasurerʼs Report

  • –  Fundraising Plan

    • –  Upcoming phone banks for recruiting sustaining donors

    • –  Discussion of “thank you gifts” for sustaining donors

      • –  Use other kinds of swag as gifts (t-shirts, buttons, mugs, etc.)

      • –  In the past mailed Sunflower print newspapers to sustaining donors


– Budget for 2017
– [ACTION] Need committee proposals by December 15 –

Organization Committee [Andy] – Locals Report

  • –  Great progress/potential in 1st CD (Rochester, Winona, Mankato)

  • –  6th CD local now officially recognized by Campaign Finance Board

    Communications Committee [Brandon]

  • –  Significant increase in Facebook “likes” and engagement due to paid

    advertising near end of campaign

  • –  Adding Instagram and YouTube accounts to regular social media


    Politics [Lena, Mel]

  • –  Lena will continue as Politics Chair, and will organize 2017 plans for lobbying

    and recruiting candidates

  • –  Priority will be to focus on recruiting candidates instead of lobbying

  • –  Some lobbying for third-party issues (ballot access, party status, etc.) can be

    done in coordination with Libertarian Party of Minnesota

  • –  Discussion of how to attract candidates and how to respond to requests for


  • –  Currently researching races in 2017

  • –  How to engage with other left/independent parties in MN (Legal Marijuana,

    Ecology Democracy)
    Next meeting - December 10 - 10 am-1 pm 

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