GPMN Coordinating Committee October 2015 Meeting Notes (Approved)

10/10/15 Green Party CC Meeting 

Members present: Betsy Barnum, Lena Buggs, Amber Garlan, Andy Hamerlinck, Brendan Long, Carol Mellom, and  Mel Thorsen

Guests: Dennis Barsness, Roger Francis, Keeley Todd and Janice Ward

Facilitator: Andy Hamerlinck

Note Taker: Amber Garlan

Check In

• Because the CC were guests of the Itasca Green Party in Grand Rapids Minnesota and we had guests from the Itasca Green Party attending the CC meeting we went around the room and everybody introduced themselves.  Thank you Itasca Green Party for being such wonderful hosts!

Approve Agenda - “Declaration of Human Rights” by Roger Francis was added to the agenda.  The agenda was approved by consensus.

Approve minutes from last meeting – 9/12/15 minutes approved by consensus.  A correction of a type on the 9/12/15 minutes is needed.  Amber will make the correction.

Treasurer’s Report

• The ending balance of September is $5,372.87.  
• Amber will ask Julie if the $100 contributions to the 5 Green Party candidates have been mailed.

Committee Reports:

Communications Committee – Brandon

• 933 tweets on twitter, 1,318 followers on Facebook
• Brandon spoke on WCCO political roundtable
• released Green Party statement about PolyMet rally

Membership Committee -  Andy

• Working on the database and getting rid of bad addresses
• Trained people on how to use Nation Builder, trained people from Rashad Turner's and Tray Crew's campaign and want to train Kriss Osbakken's campaign.
• Plan to meet with Andy Schuler to train on Nation Builde 

Politics Committee – Lena and Mel

• Kriss Osbakken is campaigning in Duluth
• Dennis Barsness is deciding whether to run for State House of Rep 5B or Soil and Water Board
• Rashad Turner and Tray Crews are organizing with Black Lives Matter and running for St. Paul school board and St. Paul City Council
• Lena Buggs will be running for Soil and Water Board in 2016
• The Green Party will be marching in the Stop PolyMet action on 10/13/15
• There will be a St. Paul School Board forum at the Sun Ray library on 10/26/15 at 5:30

Organization Committee – Betsy

• Trying to contact Wil Chapoton
• Rewriting CC policies are still in the works

Finance Committee – Amber

• With the PCRP being eliminated fundraisers are very necessary
• Vanessa Vogle, Kourtny Wedeking and Carol Mellom have joined Amber on the fundraising committee.
• Amber will contact Vanessa, Kourtny and Carol about putting together a fundraising plan

Locals Update:

2nd CD – Andy

• AJ is interested in restarting the 2nd CD Green Party local

4th CD – Andy

• A lot of media attention and street movement from Rashad Turner and Tray Crews
• Lena Buggs is running in 2016 for the Soil and Water Board

5th CD – Betsy

• no information

6th CD – Andy

• Sharon LeMay wants to restart the 6th CD local
• Andy will reach out to Sharon
• The Green Party bylaws state that the CC must have 2 meetings a year in greater Minnesota.  Andy will ask Sharon if she is interested in the CC having their 11/14/15 CC meeting in East Bethel.

8th CD – Mel

• The 8th CD met 9/26/15 and started a steering committee
• The next 8th CD meeting is 10/21/15
• Kriss Osbakken is running for Duluth City Council
• Skip Sandman is considering running against Rick Nola 

Itasca County Greens – Mel

• The Itasca County Green Party is meeting every month and looking for an action

GPUS Report – Andy

• Andy met with GPUS delegate Luke Sharma, and Steve Linnerroot gave a report to Andy.
• The Green Party of Minnesota needs to know the names of the Green Party Presidential candidates for the Green Party caucus on 2/2/16 

Black Lives Matter Report – Brandon

• The most recent action was at the twin cities marathon
• Rashad Turner and Tray Crews received media attention and met with Mayor Coleman

10/13/15 Stop PolyMet Action in St. Paul

• The Stop PolyMet rally will be at Weida Park on Tuesday, 10/13/15 at 3:00.
• Weida Park is at 637 Burr Street, we will march to the DNR headquarters at 500 Lafayette Rd, St. Paul 55155
• Brandon has released a Green Party statement
• Amber asks permission to bring the new, lighter Green Party banner
• Proposal to create a new wider banner with the new Green Party banner design
• Lena has been empowered to buy a new banner for $150

Cable Show (Nancy Doyle Brown's idea of using Suzanne Linton's cable access show for a Green Party show)

• Suzanne Linton had a cable access show in White Bear Lake

Progressive Pumpkin 10/24/15 – Lena

• Lena Buggs and Diane Peterson have contacted Dave Bicking and reserved the big room at 4200 Cedar Ave. in Minneapolis on 10/24/15 from 5:00 to 9:00 for a pumpkin carving party to fundraise for the Green Party of MN.
• Lena and Diane want to create a Facebook event to invite people and invite all the groups that work at 4200 Cedar Ave.
• Proposal: The Green Party of MN will allow $150 to budget for this event, passed by consensus

“Declaration of Rights” - Roger Francis

• The Committee Against Corporate Power an Itasca Progressive Caucus wrote a document called “Declaration of Rights”.
• The Declaration of Rights is about human rights, nature rights and a call for action.
• Roger asked the CC to post the document on the Green Party website to circulate the document and educate the public.
• The CC will post to the Green Party website and link to the Sunflower and social media
• Brandon will get a quote from Mel as a CC member and then connect with the document call for united action.

Green Party Winter Membership Meeting

• At the Winter Membership meeting there will be CC election for 1 open spot on the CC
• The Rondo Library has been reserved for 1/23/15 from 10:00 to 4:00
• The Winter Membership Meeting will be from 11:00 to 3:00, the agenda will be:
CC election
Elected officials report
3 workshops – 45 minutes (the workshops will be given twice)
The 3 workshops will be: water issue, $15Now and Voting Rights
• We need to find speakers, Russ Tammen, Kriss Osbakken and a Soil and Water board member are ideas to speak on water issues.
• Bylaws say that notification to Green Party members need to be given a month in advance, which 12/23/15 is the date of notification.
• There will be more calendar work at the CC retreat 11/7/15

Fall CC Retreat

• The fall CC retreat will be at Betsy's house from 11:00 to 2:00
• Betsy's address is 2223 Minneapolis, MN 55406
• Setting the calendar for Green Party events will be the focus


• Caucuses will be 2/2/16
• We need to find conveners
• resolutions will be submitted and voted on
• There will be information on Green Party delegates for the 2016 Presidential Convention.
• Presidential straw poll
• Sign up sheet and packet of information will need to be mailed to caucus conveners
• How do we engage people we have met?

Green Party Area Discussion: Politics – Betsy

• The five areas of the Green Party CC are: Finance, Politics, Membership, Organization and Communication.
• The question is the Green Party a movement or do we run candidates and legislate policy?
• Want to do:
recruiting candidates
legislative supervision and agenda
direct action
• Goals:
Increase recruitment to 20 candidates statewide (Soil and Water Board), which Soil and Water Board seats are unopposed?  The most soil and water Board are up for election 2016 (91 districts)
2016 Legislative Agenda
3rd Party access and 1 additional issue (water issue?)
• Relationships with elected officials
• Politics Committee will come up with a legislative agenda and bring it to the CC.

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