GPMN Coordinating Committee September 2015 Meeting Notes (Approved)

9/12/15 Green Party CC Meeting (Draft)

Members present: Betsy Barnum, Lena Buggs, Amber Garlan, Andy Hamerlinck, Jim Ivey, Brandon Long and Carol Mellom 

Facilitator: Andy Hamerlinck

Note Taker: Amber Garlan

Approve Agenda  –

•9/12/15 CC agenda approved by consensus

Approve Minutes from last meeting

•The minutes from the 8/8/15 CC meeting were approved by consensus

Treasurer’s Report - Amber

•$720 was spent for 72 admission tickets for volunteers to the Green Party booth at the MN State Fair.

•Our current balance after all checks have cleared is $5,076.29

•$519.35 was spent for literature and new Green Party banner

•Lena will bring the debit card and receipts to Julie Madden

•Amber wrote two checks to the Green Party of MN for the contributions given at the Green Party booth during the MN State Fair. One check for for $25, the other check was for $128.25.

•Brandon will write a check for contributions given at the Green Party booth during the MN State Fair and mail to Julie.

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee – Amber

•Vanessa Vogl, Carol Mellom and Kourtny Wedeking have joined Amber on the fund raising committee.

•The fund raising committee has not met yet to plan on how to increase monthly donors.

Membership Committee – Jim & Andy

•Entering MN State Fair sign up sheets

•Online questions have been followed up by Lena

Organization Committee – Betsy

•Trying to reach Wil Chapoton, Facebook is the best way to reach Wil, on Facebook Wil goes by Ralph Emerson.

•Updating documents, making CC policies more understandable.

Communications Committee – Brandon

•911 followers on twitter

•The Green Party Seedling newsletter will go out near the end of the month

•On the issue of renaming Lake Calhoun to Mde Maka Ska, how does we liaison with elected Green Officials? We need a policy.

Politics Committee – Lena

•Kriss Osbakken and Dennis Barsness request help from the CC, what help can the CC give them? The CC can give them: lists, share social media and newsletter coverage of their campaigns

•Laura Libby is being attacked on the Crystal City Council. How can the CC help her?

•Proposal: The Green Party of MN will contribute $100 to Green Party candidates Andy Schuler, Kriss Osbakken, Tray Crews, Laura Libby and Dennis Barsness. Passed by consensus.

•The CC needs to know the reporting requirements that candidates are required to make to the Campaign Finance Board on receiving a contribution from the Green Party of MN, so that the Green Party of MN is not fined for a mistake made by the candidates in not filing a correct report.

•Amber will call the Campaign Finance Board on Monday and ask what are the reporting requirements candidates have to make when receiving a contribution from the Green Party of Minnesota.

Locals Update

2nd CD revival – Andy

•Andy called AJ on restarting the 2nd CD.

•Is the Washington County Green Party still meeting?

4th CD – Andy

•There will be a screening of Rashad Turner for St. Paul school board as a write in candidate.

•Lena Buggs announced her candidacy for 2016 Soil and Water Conservation Board.

5th CD – Betsy

•Andy Schuler is endorsed for Golden Valley City Council in 2015.

•Andy Schuler is a wonderful artist and graphic designer.

6th CD – Andy

•Sharon LeMay lives in East Bethel in the 6th CD and is interested in convening a Green Party caucus and organizing a Green Party seedling local.

8th CD Greens – Andy & Mel (by email)

•Kriss Osbakken is endorsed as the Green Party candidate for the Duluth City Council

•Dennis Barsness is endorsed as the Green Party candidate for the State House of Rep. 5B.

•The 8cd will be holding their September membership meeting on September 23 at Toasty's in Duluth from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

•Krisstine Osbakken has a volunteer committee of 7 people and has been attending every public meeting she can find, when all said and done around 40 events! Her address to send donations is Committee to Elect Kriss Osbakken, PO Box 161603, Duluth MN 55816

•Dennis Barsness has a person dedicated to design a website for him and should be up shortly.

•The Itasca Greens next meeting will be on Saturday October 26 from 10 AM to 12 PM at the Central Square Mall Community Meeting Room located at 201 NW 4th Street, in Grand Rapids, MN 55744

GPUS Report – Andy

•Steve Linnerooth has been very active in voting on the GPUS list

•The 2016 Green Party National Convention will be in Houston

•At the National Green Party a Latin Caucus has been formed, LatinX, MN Green Party reps voted yes.

•A National Green Party credentialing committee has been formed, the Green Party reps voted yes.

Green Party booth at the MN State Fair – everybody

•New Green Party banner and literature was designed and printed for $519.35.

•72 admission tickets were bought for $720 to give to Green Party booth volunteers, the admission tickets helped get volunteers.

•The cost of the booth was $1,250.

•About 20 people signed up at the MN State Fair Green Party booth. Andy will enter the sign ups.

•Can we give some of the leftover Green Party literature to the Green Party booth at the Selby Jazz Fest for Tray Crews to pass out?

•We will send and email to the candidates asking if they need some of the new Green Party literature and if they want to make a contribution for the literature.

•We need clear instructions on how the Green Party booth is set up and what it is supposed to look like.

•We can be open to new ideas volunteers have about the booth.

•There was only 1 no show for the Green Party booth. Good job Andy!

How can the CC help the 8th CD local move forward with unity? Andy and Betsy have not yet met with anyone but have offered to do so.

•What resources can we provide to greater MN.

Greater MN CC Meeting

•The CC meeting in greater Minnesota will be 10/10/15 in Grand Rapids at Central Square Mall Community Meeting Room located at 201 NW 4th Street, in Grand Rapids, MN 55744

•We need the address of the meeting location from Mel. Lena will call Mel.

•11:00 is the start time of the CC meeting.

•What time is the room booked.

•Are other members of the Itasca Greens attending?

•What ideas can we help with?

Winter Membership Meeting – Amber

•Amber will ask Dave Bicking about reserving the large room at 4200 Cedar Ave.

•Amber will look into reserving the Rondo Library and 4200 Cedar Ave for Saturday, 1/23/16.

•Rondo Library has consensus as the location of the Winter Membership Meeting.

•At the Winter Membership Meeting strategy for the 2016 Soil and Water Conservation Board and the 2/2/16 Green Party Caucuses will be discussed.

•Andy and Betsy will meet to plan the agenda.

Fall CC Retreat - Betsy

•Plan the calendar of Green Party events for the year

•Saturday, 11/7/15, 11:00 to 2:00 at Betsy's house

2016 Caucuses – Andy

•Caucuses are 2/2/16

•Who will be the point person on caucuses?

•The business at caucuses are: delegates for the Green Party presidential convention, presidential straw poll, resolutions, platform proposals.

•We need a process to accept delegates who can't go to a caucus.

•What geographical boundaries will be used?

•How will we get conveners?

•Packets need to be sent to conveners

•Andy will meet with Seth and Becki to talk about caucuses.

•We need to send caucus locations to the media

•Caucus locations will need to be sent to the Secretary of State's website

Green Party restructuring area discussion of Communication – Betsy

•Must do list: Maintain website, minutes and agenda


•2000 social media hits

•Media plan with goals

•E newsletter

•quality media contact list

•Move web savvy people involved

•Put together a media plan

•Caucus locations on Secretary of State's website

Duluth Membership Meeting on Communication

•Effectively reach out to people not online

•Collect phone and email from every one

•let people know about meetings

•Trainings on social media

•liaison from CC to marginalized groups

•disability community outreach

•More Radio and public access appearances

•more photos and more action

•phone trees

•fill spokesperson role

Communication Audiences

•Internal organization

•Political Candidates and elected officials

•Social media and press

•Outreach to other organizations

Brandon will be listed as the media contact.

•Set up a state party phone number for Brandon for calls from the media.

Brandon is the Green Party spokesperson by consensus.

Soil and Water Conservation Board Politics Discussion – Lena

•There are 91 Soil and Water Conservation Board districts in the state of Minnesota

•All Ramsey seats are open

•In December the boundaries will be set

•There are seats that are unfilled and unopposed

•Vic Ormsby was on the Winona Soil and Water Conservation Board

•This is organizing at the local level

•We should target Winona and Duluth

•We can ask Kristen Olsen, Elizabeth Dickinson and Ken Pentel for advice

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