Green Party of Minnesota Supports #BlackFair Protest






August 26th, 2015

Green Party of Minnesota supports #BlackFair's disruption of business as usual at Minnesota State Fair to bring attention to institutional racism.

Minneapolis, Minn. - The Green Party of Minnesota continues to support the movement which keeps alive the simple, urgent message that #BlackLivesMatter.

In a time where African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites due to the racist "broken window" and "war on drugs" policies, 25% of black Minnesotans are living in poverty, and the city of Saint Paul leads the state in the use of deadly force against people of color, we support actions that keep conversations about racial injustice alive.

Protest is the best language available today that systematic injustice understands. Specific policy positions which have been put forward by the Green Party and the Black Lives Movement, such as restoring felony voting rights, police body cameras, civilian review boards and more, will only be pushed through our corporate owned government by visible protest and disruption.

This is why we support the local Saint Paul Black Lives Matter #BlackFair protest scheduled for August 29th. 

"Despite progress made in the past that abolished slavery and ended Jim Crow, our work to end racism and realize a just society is far from over.  Structural racism is an insidious, too often hidden, evil that has been festering for far too long in the shadows of our government, justice system and other most cherished Minnesota public and private institutions. Now, with the clear light being focused on it by the Black Lives Matter movement, we have a historic opportunity to once again look boldly into the face of our racist state and fix it. This action at the State Fair offers all of us a chance to stand together as one against racism and for the more just, open and loving society we all deserve. Let's embrace it," said Green Minneapolis City Councilmember Cam Gordon.

"We have real racial injustice here in Minnesota. Marcus Golden, whose mother volunteered as a Police reserve every year at the State Fair, was murdered by the Saint Paul Police. This protest is for women and men like her, caught in a perpetual cycle that keeps people of color down," said 4th Congressional District Green Party and Green Saint Paul City Council Candidate Trahern Crews

The Green Party of Minnesota will stand with protestors at #BlackFair in solidarity. We also invite leaders and participants to visit us inside the fair after the protest at our booth in the Grandstand on the 2nd floor to continue the discussion and offer further and ongoing support.


For further media inquiries please contact Green Party Minnesota Communications Chair Brandon Long at [email protected].

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