Minnesota Third Party Joint Response to Franken Resignation


St. Paul, Minnesota (December 7, 2017) - We find Minnesota in an embarrassing national spotlight due to the egregious and inappropriate behavior of one of our highest office elected public servants, Senator Al Franken. We fully accept, and approve of, his resignation today as it signals his admission that he has broken our public trust and the ability to represent us Minnesotans.

Franken2.jpgWith the recent awakening and exposure of a power broker political culture that denigrates women from both sides of the aisle, it is painfully evident that the establishment needs real change in order to deliver basic respect towards all people.

As an earnest step forward to changing the paradigm, we implore Governor Mark Dayton to show true innovative leadership and appoint a non-partisan/alternative party temporary replacement for the interim leading up to the special election. The appointment of a woman of color would go a long ways towards creating the change needed in Washington, D.C.

Minnesotans deserve a fresh start with an individual who represents our goodness and our values, not hindered out of the gate with a divisive emblem of a corrupt two-party system already placed on their sleeve.


Brandon Long, GP of MN Chair

Phil Fuehrer, IP of MN Chair

Chris Holbrook, LP of MN Chair


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Green Party of Minnesota

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Libertarian Party of Minnesota

Contact: Chris Holbrook, State Chair

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Independence Party of Minnesota

Contact: Philip Fuehrer, State Chair

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