Secret Democratic Party Chair effort to unseat Green Cam Gordon backfires

The Minneapolis Democratic Party Chair has caused an uproar within the city after spending $2,000 of the party's money to conduct a poll to gauge the viability of his own wife running against the most progressive council member in the city - Green and Our Revolution endorsed - Cam Gordon.

The money was spent without consulting the party's central committee. The poll, no surprise, showed that Cam is pretty popular in his ward.

According to Democratic Councilmember Lisa Bender the Party Chair spent this money on a tight budget instead of paying for much needed translation services for candidates or increasing the number of caucus locations throughout the city.

Going after the lone Green on the council demonstrates that the Democratic Party is far more interested in maintaining unchallenged power than advancing progressive policy. The Party Chair had this to say about exploring a run against Cam - “That’s my job, to elect DFLers". 

We in the Green Party truly believe that our job is to push the most progressive, justice oriented policy possible. We hope you will contribute to our efforts to provide principled and platformed based leadership - not power for powers sake.

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