Petition For $2000

Some Background:

What Congress is passing will not help people survive during these unprecedented times. Congress needs to stand up for the people they truly represent not other countries or multinational corporations and conglomerates. The Green Party of Minnesota is demanding a real solution and not a "half-measure". 

This is What is Currently in the Bill:

  • $600 stimulus check per adult and $600 per child (not monthly)
  • $300 for unemployed til March 14 with no retroactive pay for last 4 months
  • A whole 30 day moratorium on evictions til January 30
  • $284 billion in loans for small businesses (The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that had expired in August)
  • $15 billion for music venues, independent movie theaters, and cultural institutions (which had to shut down during the pandemic)
  • $15 billion airline bailout
  • $14 billion for public-transportation
  • $13 billion for food assistance

The Green Party Demands:

  • $2,000 a month til the end of the pandemic
  • Emergency no cost healthcare
  • Freeze on evictions
  • Mortgage, rent, and utilities jubilee for duration of the pandemic
  • Monthly food and healthcare box for disabled and elderly including fruits, vegetables, toiletries, masks, and sanitizer.
  • After 9 months accrued debt, 10 million unemployed, 40 million about to lose their homes, and 300,000 lost lives, our government has "negotiated" on our behalf that we deserve HALF of what we received last time and that emergency no-cost healthcare is not a priority.

Who's signing

Joshua Scheunemann

Will you sign?

  • Joshua Scheunemann
    signed via 2020-12-23 13:49:52 -0600
  • Joshua Scheunemann
    published this page 2020-12-23 13:34:51 -0600

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