Phone Bank for MN Ballot

Hello all,

We are well below 2,000 signatures and so we are going to need to collect beyond today (likely through Saturday).
In an effort to bring in a bunch more signatures, we have set a goal to phone bank through the entire list of Hawkins/Walker/GPMN members who we have a phone number for over the next few days (Wednesday-Friday). The purpose of these calls will be to ask Minnesota contacts if they have signed the petition, and if they have not we will walk them through that process over the phone.
The Hawkins/Walker campaign has set us up with a phone bank to do this work and we need as many folks to chip in as possible to get it done. Can you help by making some phone calls??
If you are interested in helping with this work you will need to do a few things to get set up. 1) Sign up through 2) After you sign up you will be sent an email from [email protected]. Follow the instructions in that email to activate and use your account. 3) Respond to this email with your username and email address.
I will then pass this information along to Cora from the Hawkins/Walker campaign so you can be assigned to the MN phone bank campaign. Then, once Cora assigns you to our campaign you are ready to get going.
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance to those who will help out in this way.

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