Platform, Constitution Amendment Process Opens

The GPMN Platform can be revised every even-numbered year. The party’s Constitution can be amended each year. At the summer membership meeting on June 23, 2018, members will have the opportunity to decide on proposed changes to the Platform and the Constitution.

Revision proposals for both documents will be accepted through May 8.

Proposals can be made by an individual or a group. Those submitted by groups usually demonstrate broader support and result in better proposals. A group could be a local, an issue-based caucus, or any informal gathering of Green Party members.

Please follow these guidelines in submitting proposed changes.

Read the document you want to change first, and become familiar with its style and content.

Write your proposal to fit in with the rest of the document.

  • Make sure what you are proposing isn’t already there.
  • Be concise, not wordy.
  • Identify the paragraph and sub-paragraph number in the existing document where your change would fit. You can find the full Platform and Constitution on the website,, under About GPMN.
  • If you want to replace a whole section, include the original language as well as the new language in your proposal. If you want to change some words within a section, use strike-out for the words you want to take out and underline for the words you want to add. Make sure it reads!
  • Include your name, email address and phone number, in case the Core Documents Committee needs to contact you.
  • Send your proposal by May 8, 2018, to GPMN, 4200 Cedar Ave S #8, Minneapolis, MN 55407, or attach it to an email to [email protected]

The Constitution is the foundational legal document that shapes the structure and operation of the party. Amending it must be done with care. The Platform is a living expression of what Greens in Minnesota want to see as public policy, and it changes as social, economic, environmental and political knowledge changes.

The Core Documents Committee will review the proposals to make sure they are not repetitive, have good style and grammar, and are intended for the appropriate document. By May 23, the proposals will be available to read on the website so members know ahead of time what they will be voting on at the summer meeting.

Questions? Contact Betsy Barnum, 701-610-3432 or [email protected]

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