The Ruling Class Parties VS The Green Party


By Scott J Raskiewicz

Mr. Raskiewicz is seeking the Minnesota Green Party endorsement for US Senate

There are two basic ways to organize all human relationships, including the structure of society... 

America's two ruling class parties have structured our society on a hierarchical model that promotes selfishness, greed, short term thinking, and contempt for the greater good. This model is based on domination, subordination, and exploitation. Those in the dominant classes, supported by the two ruling class parties, have created economic and other systems that channel nearly all wealth and power to the upper rungs of the socio-economic ladder. This leaves the majority with little or no wealth and little opportunity to obtain the economic security needed by all people to discover, nurture, and become their best selves. Because this system opposes the well-being of the majority it must be propped up by lies and a variety of deceptions and diversions. This task is performed, with great effectiveness, by the two ruling class parties and the ruling class owned corporate media cartel. The domination-subordination exploitation model also relies on dividing Americans into special interest groups. This has prevented the majority from recognizing their common interests, uniting, and creating an authentic democracy to benefit ALL Americans. The results of the domination subordination-exploitation model are evidenced by the wide variety of problems facing our nation, problems which the ruling class, and the two parties they control, show little interest in solving. 

The Green Party supports a different societal model. The Green Party supports an egalitarian model--equal legal, economic, and political rights for all. Rather than behavior based on selfishness, greed, short-term thinking, domination, subordination, and exploitation the Green Party supports mutually beneficial cooperative behavior. The transition to this model would benefit ALL Americans, those now living and those yet to be. It will also ensure the well-being of the natural world upon which we all depend. This model will lead to a variety of pro-democracy public policies including public banking and media, publicly financed and democratically controlled health care and elections, economic decentralization, and other policies to benefit ALL Americans. 

This analysis is not to suggest there is no difference between the two ruling class parties. Clearly, one party is more reactionary and belligerent than the other. However, both ruling class parties support policies that place the interests of Wall Street, Córporate cartels, militarism, and the ruling class ahead of the interests of democracy and the American people. 

The two ruling class parties have shaped American society for decades. It is clear they operate according to the inhumane and anti-democratic values of Wall Street, corporate cartels, and militarism. The Green Party supports human values, values that will allow ALL Americans to discover, nurture, and become their best selves in service to their potential and society as a whole. 

In the contest between the ruling class parties and the Green Party, the choice is clear. It is a choice between an inhumane and anti-democratic status quo and a new political model that ensures authentic democracy and liberty and justice for ALL. 



By Scott J Raskiewicz

The Minnesota Green Party



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