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It’s time to stand for something OR CONTINUE TO FALL FOR ANYTHING. Demand what we are owed, don’t be afraid we don’t have another 4 years. Without reparations, the wealth of American Descendants of Slavery Will Go From 2% to zero by 2050! We cannot survive as a people like that. Look around black Minnesotans, the 5th district is the 3rd worst place for black people to live in America.  Not only do we need reparations, but we need someone fighting for you in Congress.  I wish you all could see my heart, I honestly want to see all people living way above the poverty lines, owning their own businesses, owning the homes they are currently renting, I want to see all of Minnesota with Universal Health Care, using solar energy, snow plowed streets, clean water, I want Children to have laptops, and free internet so every child has a successful learning experience. I love people and I’m not telling people how they should not vote, but how to make your vote matter. Biden and Trump have an agenda for everyone but Black People, it’s time we tell this two-party system we are not going to just give you our vote without a black agenda that includes reparations.
No Tangibles, No Vote.


The Compensation Argument is as follows:

(1) If a government wrongfully harms someone as a result of the authorized actions of some of its public officials, then it incurs a moral obligation to compensate its victims for those harms.

(2) The U.S. government wrongly harmed previous generations of Africans and African-Americans by supporting slavery and its aftermath.

(3) These acts of the U.S. government continue to cause harm to the currently living generation of black Americans.

(4) The U.S. government has not yet fully compensated the currently living generation of black Americans for the harms they continue to experience as a result of slavery and its aftermath.

Therefore, the U.S. government is morally obligated to pay reparations for slavery.


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